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Baby Sitting!!!!! :) :)

Oh just at my cousins house.With my cousin Makiah. Right we put my baby cousin Tinley down for a  nap, but instead of taking a nap she is play with some of her toys!!!!!  (Also she is trying to talk .It is so cute how she just mumbles. LOL) It is 10:40  and Tinley has spit up on me 3 times already today.Who knows how many more times she will today (wish me good luck!)

So tomorrow Tinley is leaving for the beach this will be her first time there at the beach.(I would love to see her face when she feels the sand for the first time.)But I know she have a good time down there.Tinley has like 10 bathing suite. All of them are so cute.I told them to me a lot of pictures of Tinley!!!!!!

Kings Island!!!!!!!!

At the beginning of this week my Aunt took  one of my friends and me to Kings Island for my 12th birthday.We had a blast. My Aunt took her niece on the other side of the family.Anyway we rode a lot of rides.We rode Vortex ,The Beast, Adventure Express,Racers,White Water Canyon,Diamondback and a lot more.So tell me what you had did this summer or are planing to do this summer.If you have already done it or are going to do it I know you will have fun  at it, because summer is a time for fun.So go out side .When your done reading this and play .If you have no one to play with call a friend and ask them if they can come down to your house to play Baseball,Softball,Soccer,Basketball.Any thing it could be a game of tag.If you have NO one to play with then run around house about five time.That should get your heart pumping.

Go on call that friend .Go .I am telling you to go pick up the phone and call that friend.GGGGGOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So is your friend aloud to great .If not call another one .Or another ,or another.Keep calling friends until you run out of friends or one is aloud to come.If your parents say they can not come do what I said run around your house about five times to get your heart pumping .

Then you should have a fun summer or a weird/funny one .Anyway just have a fun time and enjoy your summer while it is here because before you know it ,it will be time for school again. 😦  🙂 😦  😀


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D.A.R.E Essay

By: Alex Hettinger

I thought D.A.R.E. was going to be fun.It was fun, it was just those black  T-shirts we had to wear every Thursday.Even on really hot days.If everybody wore there shirts ,we still  did not want to go out side for extra recess.

Most people don’t know what D.A.R.E. means. If you do not know what D.A.R.E. means it means:

D -Drugs                           OR                                 D – Define

A -Abuse                                                                  A – Assess

R – Resistance                                                         R – Respond

E – Education                                                          E – Evaluate

Some of the things I learned in D.A.R.E. are that smocking is really bad for you.It can turn your teeth yellow ,Cause breathing problems, you may have colds or upper respiratory problems.Also it can cause heart disease and the most common is lung cancer.

Tobacco is one other thing that is bad.First thing it is illegal to sell tobacco  to anyone oder the age of 18. It has more than 200 poisons in it.More than 400,000 people die each year from tobacco -related causes.Also when you use tobacco you may become dehydrated.

Oh,I should mention all the things Deputy Thomas brought into class. Like Smoking Suzie and Mr. Dip Lip.They were so funny.When Deputy Thomas bought in Mr. Dip Lip he had me put my finger on Mr. Dip Lips tongue and then Deputy Thomas let go of his mouth and Mr. Dip Lip bit me.

My pledge is to never smoke or to chew tobacco because I never want to look older than I am and I  do not want my teeth to turn yellow.Also I don’t want more than 200 poisons inside me.So that is my pledge.

Camp Oty-Okwa!!!!

When I heard there were going to be classes I was so disappointed.When I thought of classes I thought we would be sitting in a room with pencils and paper.I was SO wrong. Our first class in my trail group  was geology .Geology is where you look at trees and the soil.It was fun.

We even played these two games.The first one was they gave you sticky- notes and the sticky-notes had either a word or a thing on it.Then when you had your stick-notes then we went on a hike and we looked for the things on the stinky-notes.When you found what you were looking for then you gave your sticky-notes to the person who was leading the hike.The other game was a person pick if you were water, trees, sand/soil and the trees had to catch the water, sand/soil.Oh, also on our hike we walked to Hidden Cave.That was the best of all at camp. In the cave there were these rocks that had big holes that me and a lot of my friends could fit inside.It was AWESOME!!!!!

At the end of camp people changed a lot.When we sat down to eat our last meal at camp there were boys and girls sitting and talking together.That goes to show you that people who you don’t really know can become your best friend.

Also Seth and Micah were in my trail group and we never talk unless we are playing basketball but other than that we really never talked.When camp was over we were talking and laughing about what happened at camp.On the last day of camp everyone in my trail group was talking to each other.Even people who I never talked to. Dylan and Jared are in my class room I never really talked to them until they were in my trail group.On  the last day I was talking to them like I had known them for ever.

All the girls that were in my group are good friends with me so I was really HAPPY!!! On the last day our whole trial group acted like you were best friends.Still today after camp is over we still laugh and talk to each other.

Have you ever had that thought like oh know is there going to be some one my group who I do not like?This kind of what happened to me.I did like the people who were in my group ,there were just some people who I never really talked to.So, in my trail group was Shala ,Jared ,Dawn ,Dylan ,Seth ,Micah ,Alan ,Belle ,Tabitha and me were in trail group #1.

We just got back from camp Oty-Okwa 2 days ago. It was a BLAST.I had a lot of fun.At the beginning of camp the people in my group didn’t really talk that much.Like the girls talked to the girls and the boys talk to the boys.

I think the teachers have camp because they want us to relax since OAA testing is over.Also because you make a lot of new friends at camp.I think we will be talking about what happened at camp for a long time.

This is My Favorite Song!!!!

This is my favorite song so sit back and listen . Leave a comment and let me know if you liked the song or not and let me know what your favorite song is.The song is You belong with me By Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!! Hope you like it. 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

Fair or Unfair??????

Going back to the ability grouping. I think people should be in groups and in their group there is their own way of scoring.I think the extra credit is a good idea but only certain kids who need it should be able to have it.

Like for in the group that have a struggle in reading class could have it as extra credit. Just a enough to raise their grade a little.If we raised their grade a lot they would think oh since I have a good grade I don’t have to do my work.

For people who good in reading I think they should not get to have the extra credit.If we let them have it then they would always have a A+.  I think we should not give it to them because then they will think now I can slop something down then they will never do their work.They will participate and get the extra credit.

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Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my grandma gave me a chocolate bunny that wieghts 1 lb.It will take me a long long long time to eat it all.But it is really cool. I will still eatting it in June.It is like 1 ft tall and a inch thick. 

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Best Friends Are Awesome!!!!!!!!!

My best friend Hayley the nicest friend you could ever have. Last night I went down to her grandma’s house.We were bouncing the basketball on the back porch and it rolled off into the creek. Hayley was nice enuf to walk into the freezing creek water to get my old basketball.    That is why I wanted to say that


                                                     IS THE

                                               NICEST FRIEND

                                         IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

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What To Do When You Are Taking The O.A.A.

People are  freaking out about the big O.A.A.(Ohio Achievement Assessment)since it is next week.I ‘m not I just no to do my best and try my hardest.But in years passed I have did good.

When I am taking the test I am just going to remember that after the week of testing is over then we get to go to camp for 3 days. So we can relax and have fun with our friends and teachers.

Teachers always tell you to take you time and go back over your work and to not spend too much time on one question.Also to look in the passage for answers.

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What Will I Score If The Test Grade Had a Bad Morning

Here is comment that I put on my teachers blog.
I think when Martha has had a morning like that she probable does not even want to be a work let alone grade a whole pile of test’s.But I think she will grade the test’s because she said she had a babysitter so she needs money to pay the babysitter.

So I am hoping I did good on the OAA(Ohio Achievement Assessment).I also just hope that there is know one grading my test and had that kind of morning.If there is I hope they don’t give a bad score because they just want to get finished grading.

If that was me I would have never picked that job .If I was in that small of space and had that many test’s to grade plus that kind of morning, I would have want to go home and relax on the couch.

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