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What To Do When You Are Taking The O.A.A.

People are  freaking out about the big O.A.A.(Ohio Achievement Assessment)since it is next week.I ‘m not I just no to do my best and try my hardest.But in years passed I have did good.

When I am taking the test I am just going to remember that after the week of testing is over then we get to go to camp for 3 days. So we can relax and have fun with our friends and teachers.

Teachers always tell you to take you time and go back over your work and to not spend too much time on one question.Also to look in the passage for answers.

Image from :–Voices-of-Real-Fifth-Graders


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  1. * rhiannal222 says:

    I totally agree with you, Alex. I can’t wait for camp! It’s going to be sooo much fun, and your right, I’ll probably be thinking of Camp to relax myself too. I’m not nervous about the test either. I think we all are going to do great on it. Good luck on your test!

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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