Alex's Awesome Area

Kings Island!!!!!!!!

At the beginning of this week my Aunt took  one of my friends and me to Kings Island for my 12th birthday.We had a blast. My Aunt took her niece on the other side of the family.Anyway we rode a lot of rides.We rode Vortex ,The Beast, Adventure Express,Racers,White Water Canyon,Diamondback and a lot more.So tell me what you had did this summer or are planing to do this summer.If you have already done it or are going to do it I know you will have fun  at it, because summer is a time for fun.So go out side .When your done reading this and play .If you have no one to play with call a friend and ask them if they can come down to your house to play Baseball,Softball,Soccer,Basketball.Any thing it could be a game of tag.If you have NO one to play with then run around house about five time.That should get your heart pumping.

Go on call that friend .Go .I am telling you to go pick up the phone and call that friend.GGGGGOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So is your friend aloud to great .If not call another one .Or another ,or another.Keep calling friends until you run out of friends or one is aloud to come.If your parents say they can not come do what I said run around your house about five times to get your heart pumping .

Then you should have a fun summer or a weird/funny one .Anyway just have a fun time and enjoy your summer while it is here because before you know it ,it will be time for school again. 😦  🙂 😦  😀


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