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The OAA’s Are Here Again :( :(

Oh, good old testing time.Here it comes again.Which is probable why the weather has  been so wet and droopy.

But anyway , most kids do not like the O.A.A, including  me.During that week at school everyone looks and feels tiered and look tiered.Also because they probable do not enjoy sitting down for 2 hours and 30 mins.

The math tests I think are easier because you do not have to read a lot or go back in the passage to find your answer, because you just have to figure out the problem.                   In my option the reading and writing OAA is a little bit harder because sometimes you will get one part of the 2 point question and it mess up the rest of the question.

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Wanna Be Perfect


Lets just get that out of the way, NO BODY IS PERFECT !!!! Everybody got it ok .

There is no way in the world that there is some one out there who is perfect.If you were you would have:


1. Hair

2. Clothes


In my opinion if you were perfect then you would not be normal.See, because you would be perfect and everyone else would be there self.

Obsessed with Eeyore !!!!

My friend Alison is obsessed with Eeyore!!!!!!!!!

When she walks up to some body she will ask:

Do you like Eeyore or Elmo I like Eeyore so you should pick Eeyore.

Or: You should pick Eeyore he is the best.

Or: Purple is better then red.

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Another Baby On The Way!!!!!!!!!

We just got news that my god brother is having another baby boy . His name is going to be Jonah . When the baby is supposed to be born is when they will be moved into their new home in Kentucky. So maybe if it is ok with my parents we could go down when or maybe after the baby is born. But I am so happy because I’m surrounded by babies .My cousin just had her little girl Tinley (Ten-lee) and she will be 3 weeks old this Thursday. My god brother already has a 1 year old almost 2 years old.

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Baby is Here!!!!!!!

I am here now at the hospital and the baby is here. It is a girl and her name is Tinley Marie Maxson. What a cute name. She was born at 9:47am and she is 21  1/3 in. long and weighted 8 lbs and 11 oz. She has blue eyes and blondish brown hair.She also looks like her Mommy.

Baby Coming :) :) !!!!!!!!!

Today I am leaving school around 2:00 or 2:30 to go to the hospital because my cousin is having a baby. We do not know if it is a boy or a girl we want it to be a surprise.I am hoping it is a boy so it can carry the Maxson name on. Also because then if my cousins do not what to keep working at our family mill and then he can work there.

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Do you like Ability Grouping?

In Reading Workshop our teacher Mr. McGuire is reading the book Freak the Might it is a really good book.This was part of a comment I did on my teachers blog.

I think Max will do worse in school than he has ever did before.When he is in the class room and the teacher asks a questions Max will probably still be on the first one and the rest of the kids will be on the third or forth one .

I’m ok with ability grouping, but I don’t think it is a good thing that Max is in the higher achievers.He will probably learn some stuff but it will take him half the time as the other kids in that group.

If they let people in a high group than there meant for, then the kids will never get to learn at there own pace . Just because Max helps Kevin move around doesn’t meant they have to be in the same class.

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BFF Birthday invite or prank call !!!!

Last night we had a phone call and it was my best friend Lauren calling to tell my mom about her birthday party she was having . My mom asked who is this and mom thought she said Laurie but she said Lauren. So then my mom asked “what is your last name” and Lauren thought she was joking around and said ” I don’t know” . Then my mom said “well if you don’t tell me your last name I will hang up the phone”. Then when Lauren said “Its Lauren, Lauren ” my mom goes “oh I thought you said Laurie”then after that my mom said “you are lucky I did not hang up on you”.

What a crazy night!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Vet Volunteers #2

The book I’m reading is called Vet Volunteers #2.It is by Laurie Halse Anderson It is about when kids in about the 7th or 8th grade help out at there friends grandmothers vet clinic. Every chapter it talks about a new animal that comes in and what s wrong about it.

The part where I am now they are trying to help a place that has like a million or more cats.They are going to try to do TVSR (Treat, Vaccinate, Spay and Release). So if they do not do that to all those cats they will not die because if that Animal Control get there before they ask if they can do TVSR thats what will happen to them.

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Rain, Rain Go Away!!!!!!

I woke up this morning and our school was on a two hour delay . I was like why are we on a two hour delay until I watched the news with my mom and we were under a flooded watch.By the time I had to get on the bus the flooded watch had gone away. But it left it’s damage.

My bus driver had to back track the way she had came so the bus ride took longer as usual and we even had to skip  a road because the water was so high.Even when we back tracked we still got into some water.

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