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Baby Sitting!!!!! :) :)

Oh just at my cousins house.With my cousin Makiah. Right we put my baby cousin Tinley down for a  nap, but instead of taking a nap she is play with some of her toys!!!!!  (Also she is trying to talk .It is so cute how she just mumbles. LOL) It is 10:40  and Tinley has spit up on me 3 times already today.Who knows how many more times she will today (wish me good luck!)

So tomorrow Tinley is leaving for the beach this will be her first time there at the beach.(I would love to see her face when she feels the sand for the first time.)But I know she have a good time down there.Tinley has like 10 bathing suite. All of them are so cute.I told them to me a lot of pictures of Tinley!!!!!!