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Camp Oty-Okwa!!!!

When I heard there were going to be classes I was so disappointed.When I thought of classes I thought we would be sitting in a room with pencils and paper.I was SO wrong. Our first class in my trail groupĀ  was geology .Geology is where you look at trees and the soil.It was fun.

We even played these two games.The first one was they gave you sticky- notes and the sticky-notes had either a word or a thing on it.Then when you had your stick-notes then we went on a hike and we looked for the things on the stinky-notes.When you found what you were looking for then you gave your sticky-notes to the person who was leading the hike.The other game was a person pick if you were water, trees, sand/soil and the trees had to catch the water, sand/soil.Oh, also on our hike we walked to Hidden Cave.That was the best of all at camp. In the cave there were these rocks that had big holes that me and a lot of my friends could fit inside.It was AWESOME!!!!!

At the end of camp people changed a lot.When we sat down to eat our last meal at camp there were boys and girls sitting and talking together.That goes to show you that people who you don’t really know can become your best friend.

Also Seth and Micah were in my trail group and we never talk unless we are playing basketball but other than that we really never talked.When camp was over we were talking and laughing about what happened at camp.On the last day of camp everyone in my trail group was talking to each other.Even people who I never talked to. Dylan and Jared are in my class room I never really talked to them until they were in my trail group.OnĀ  the last day I was talking to them like I had known them for ever.

All the girls that were in my group are good friends with me so I was really HAPPY!!! On the last day our whole trial group acted like you were best friends.Still today after camp is over we still laugh and talk to each other.

Have you ever had that thought like oh know is there going to be some one my group who I do not like?This kind of what happened to me.I did like the people who were in my group ,there were just some people who I never really talked to.So, in my trail group was Shala ,Jared ,Dawn ,Dylan ,Seth ,Micah ,Alan ,Belle ,Tabitha and me were in trail group #1.

We just got back from camp Oty-Okwa 2 days ago. It was a BLAST.I had a lot of fun.At the beginning of camp the people in my group didn’t really talk that much.Like the girls talked to the girls and the boys talk to the boys.

I think the teachers have camp because they want us to relax since OAA testing is over.Also because you make a lot of new friends at camp.I think we will be talking about what happened at camp for a long time.